A Photo Diary


Day 70

More fun with the retro camera app, this time at Warrie’s students Prom night.  

Day 69

Introducing Oates and Splinter the red eared slider turtles. We recently adopted them from Lex and Adam who have moved back to the USA.  I was very ignorant about turtles until I met these two, and thought keeping turtles would just be similar to keeping fish! But i was wrong these two have personality and are quite  feisty and boisterous.

It was also Lex and Adam’s last night out in Chiang Mai so we met at The Riva bar for drinks. This is Michelle, me and Lex.

Day 68

I’ve just uploaded the Retro camera app onto my phone, I decided to test run it at my favourite coffee shop Green o’clock which is conveniently situated next door to my school

Day 67

Our friend Hannah was in town this week and tonight we met up for dinner and drinks We had drinks at the Pornping hotel’s roof top bar, which has fantastic views of Chiang Mai.


Its been a hectic couple of months, building a house, packing the old house up and then moving, also we adopted 2 turtles and a kitten. SO I’m really behind on my Photo a Day. I have all the pictures, now to upload them!

Day 66

Tonight we met for a family meal at The Duke’s and Warrie and I shared The Greek pizza.

Day 65

This week was busy with friends leaving and family and friends arriving. So lots of eating out was the order of the week!

Tonight we had a farewell dinner for our friends Lex and Adam at Chez Marco, a really great French Mediterranean restaurant with fantastic  food. Lex and Adam are heading back to America.

Day 64

This week the ceilings are up in the house and the tiles in the bedrooms are down. Everything is coming together nicely, and it looks like it won’t be long until we move in!

Day 63

Todays photo’s start at 1am in the morning and end with a very long graduation ceremony ( probably wasn’t the best idea to mix the two)

Day 62

Today was the last day of term, so I let the kids take it easy ( or rather let me take it easy) and play with blocks.